EduScrum para mejoramiento del proceso de desarrollo de proyectos de Ingeniería en Sistemas Computacionales.

Nov-10. 16:00-16:30 (CDT, GMT-6)

The objective of the research is the application of the EduScrum framework and the use of the GitHub Education platform in the Computer Systems Engineering career of the Technological Institute of Tlaxiaco, with the subjects of Discrete Mathematics, Fundamentals of Software Engineering and Management of Software Projects. Software. The purpose is to facilitate the development of learning skills, development of software projects, to strengthen and improve the academic productivity of students. The article presents the facts, concepts about Agile methodologies, EduScrum, GitHub Education and the progressive process of the implementation of the Agile framework, between the proponent of the method and the students. The results obtained during a year of implementation of the methodology are described, showing that the EduScrum framework is an excellent alternative to apply in educational institutions to improve the learning process and eradicate traditional teaching in the classroom.