Mi viaje en open source contribuidor a evangelizador técnico

Nov-11. 17:45-18:15 (CDT, GMT-6)

Community and philosophy behind, and the idea that many people benefit from any contribution you make is what attracted me to Open Source source. With this in mind, I started contributing after my first approach to Linux back in 2006. Mozilla, GitLab, GitKraken, HashiCorp and TerminusDB are some of the organizations I’ve been involved with through the years, being a volunteer, an active contributor or an intern. Localization, documentation, evangelism, mentorship and training are some of the areas I’ve made contributions to. All this previous experience let me the position I had dreamed of, Technical Evangelist at Percona, a company I joined a few months ago. This talk is about how contributing to Open Source projects can help you build your career and lessons I can share about my own experience.