Dark Services for Kubernetes: Protege tu cluster y servicios con OpenZiti.io

Feb-23. 17:10-17:45. Sala: Auditorio 2

In this session we will learn how OpenZiti.io (opensource project) can help us to protect our cluster even when we need to access it from a different network, but at the same time without having to open a single port in the firewall and having all the cluster elements running within a private subnet, avoiding the usage of reverse proxies, bastion servers, VPNs, DMZ, etc.

We’ll deploy a service (Dark Service) inside K8s and access it securely from a public network, without having to open ports for incoming traffic. It sounds disruptive, but that is exactly the reason for this session.

We’ll share with the audience how OpenZiti.io embeds the network into applications and services, and how we can incorporate it into any technology, from JAVA applications, APIs, Database Drivers, IoT, etc.