Revolutionizing Legacy: Adapting JMeter for cloud native ecosystems with Helm, K8s and Prometheus

Feb-23. 15:40-16:15. Sala: Auditorio 4

In this session, we will explore the transformative journey of adapting JMeter, a traditional load testing tool, to the dynamic demands of cloud-native environments. With a history predating the cloud-native era, JMeter has been the go-to tool in load testing for many years, however, its conventional application often falls short in the scalable and ephemeral nature of modern cloud-native ecosystems.

During the session, I want to present some patterns and Helm Chart suggestions to run JMeter within a Kubernetes environment using Deployments, Statefulsets and jobs to manage the Test Simulation lifecycle, while using sidecar containers to push metrics to Prometheus pushgateway.

I bootstrap everything in a web app written in Go to trigger new Simulations with multiple parameters.