Security Showdown: The Overconfident Operator Vs the Nefarious Ne’er-Do-Well

Feb-24. 09:00-09:30. Sala: Auditorio 1

Ozzie the Overconfident Operator has secured their cluster! They have done it all: role-based access control, encryption at rest, TLS…and as they congratulate themself on a job well done, Nova the Nefarious Ne’er-do-well watches from around the corner, drooling with anticipation. Spoiler alert⎯Ozzie is about to get HACKED.

In this talk, the speakers play the characters of Ozzie and Nova and playfully demo cluster security as Nefarious Nova exploits each of Ozzie’s security decisions. What can Overconfident Ozzie do when Nova gets the upper hand? How can Ozzie proactively keep Nova’s threats at bay?

Take security beyond the firewall and discover cloud native security concepts such as identity management, container image scanning and signing, creating and implementing policies, runtime security, and secrets management.

Learn security basics alongside Overconfident Ozzie, who is sure the cluster is COMPLETELY secure this time. There is nothing Nova can do to break… uh-oh. Not again!