Felipe Borges

GNOME Board director

I am a software engineer passionate about user interface design and the free and open source development model.

Since 2009 I have contributed to the GNOME community in various fronts. I started as a translator, but later I got engaged into marketing and outreach activities by organizing and speaking about GNOME at free software conferences.

As a result of my enjoyment of the role, I decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Universidade Federal de Pelotas.

A couple of years later I applied and was accepted in the Google Summer of Code internship program where I learnt the essentials of software engineering by working in the GNOME community during the summer.

Currently I live in Brno, in the lovely Czech Republic, where I joined the Red Hat Desktop Team to work in GNOME technologies and applications.

I blog about my GNOME contributions here. In my Twitter account I dump thoughts about software engineering, infosec, politics, rap, and football.

Feel free to send me an email or contact me through one or some of my social media profiles. If you desire to have a private conversation, you can encrypt your message to me using my GPG key.

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